Blue flag for Tortoreto beach

Blue Flag Awards

Tortoreto: a splendid seaside resort on the Adriatic sea

The beach of Tortoreto is one of the cleanest in Italy and thus has been awarded the Blue Flag Beach awar.

Blue Flag status is awarded to beaches in Euoropean countries, and is managed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Compliance with Blue Flag criteria requires adherence to water quality standards, safety, the provision of services and general environmental management.

Furthermore, the Hotel Venezia has installed a PV system on the roof that converts solar energy into electricity, in order to reduce any noxious emission.

Tortoreto, nel 2014 un mare da "10 e lode"! Nel 2013 Abruzzo meta ideale del turismo.

Click here to view the article in pdf

Click here to view the article in pdf
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